Week 23-Master Key Experience

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“Live your life for you not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.” ~Sonya Parker

I believe that it takes a special kind of person to truly take interest in the lives of the people who serve them. I saw clearly that I was not living my life for myself and that I shrunk within the space around me to allow others to shine.I began to understand the reason depression had come over me 10 months ago after my company convention, at that moment, I knew I had to make a change. Of course, fear pounded on my head and my heart; yet, I could not allow it to stop me from advancing.I knew that I wanted to succeed . I also knew that if I did not succeed, I would live a life of quiet desperation. So, I made a decision to apply start go90grow which led me ultimately to MKMMA.I had to walk down a new path and live my life for me and not for anyone else. I had to be free to be me.My life began to change when we start studying Og Mandino’ s Greatest Salesman in the World and Haanel’s Master key System. After 22 weeks,MKMMA  was where I first heard the concept that the forces of life are volatile; they are composed of our thoughts and ideals and these in turn are molded into form; our problem is to keep an open mind, to constantly reach out for the new.A new world opened up for me, as I understood that I played a huge role in my reality and that my thoughts were my power.I began to correlate the relationship my old thoughts had to my past situations. I recognized that my thought kept me in state of depression as I focused on my past and all the bad that had happened in my life. These thoughts also catapulted me into the future as I fantasized about a better life. I could not live in the present moment.I also began to see that I chose to please everyone around me. I thought it was a moral duty to take care of others while I neglected the desires of my heart. Before starting MKMMA, my heart ached a lot.I literally had pains in my chest that woke me in the middle of the night. I even had an EKG and while everything looked good, I knew something about me had to change.After learning a new way of thinking, I know I can turn my life around .I know now how to renew my mind with new thoughts. When a negative thought come to mind, I observed it and then replaced it with a thought that uplifted and affirmed me. In the beginning, it felt like I was lying to myself.Fact is that I began to wrap my arms around myself and embrace me.Each day I release, I allow new thoughts to build an uplifting foundation within me. MKMMA  saved my life by giving me freedom to exist and unfold in each moment. I now know that if I live for the present and remain in the now, I breathe easier and feel lighter.I am free to be me just as you are free to be you. It does not matter what others think or feel about us as long as we are true to who we are.

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Week 22 A- MasterKey Experience

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responsible for my own happiness

“Look at what you’ve got and make the best of it. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” ~Proverb.

I continue to discover in my MKMMA journey.This week, I identified the best ways to making happiness a permanent state of mind.One way,I do it is by showing gratitude.With MKMMA, I started keeping track of my gratitude. Each day I write between 4 to 8 unique events I am grateful for. Learning  in MKMMA was a slow process for me. After 13 weeks in  I was for sure a  more positive but not  grateful person. 22 weeks in, it had completely changed my life. Gratitude did  not come naturally to me but is the surest path to happiness, I promise. Another way, I keep the happiness state of mind is  by self compassion. I’m currently the assistant to the manager of my facility,but I am constantly asking myself : what example am I setting? does my team thinks I am a good manager? etc.I believe that it’s hard to be happy, in any circumstance, when we are not our own worst critic.Being kind to myself is a huge challenge.Recognizing that self compassion is not weakness or going to make me a lazy, unmotivated slob has greatly increased my willingness to be nicer to myself. The truth is, the kinder I am to myself, the more willing I am to get up from each failure and try again.Friend not responding? Give it some time.Wife mad at me? That is okay, it happens to everyone and we will work it out.How do I treat myself when I fail?I make sure it’s with a hug.One more way I identified is to be passionate. If someone asks me who am I, what are my hobbies, what I would do if money was not an issue ,I will simply start today with what I love and is my passion,I did not have that ability 26 weeks ago.I don’t judge anymore,I don’t censure,I don’t over think.I believe there is no guarantee or protection against pain. But since I learn how to  practice gratitude and self compassion and invest in my passion, I can now  create a default state of happiness that will support all the difficulties and failures along the way.There I have it, Happiness is within my reach right now, no matter what is happening in my  life.

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Week 22-Master Key Experience

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visionArmed with my DMP,I know that some aspect of the world  need me. And I must pay attention. I must act. This little corner of the world is mine to transform. This little corner of the world is mine to save.”With that in mind, I am able to act. I am able to shine. It is, in fact, my suffering that allows me to transform the little corner of the world that is mine.The path to self growth is not linear. It is a meandering journey through mountains and valleys and, occasionally there are more lows than highs. But it is a journey ever onward, and it is our light—that same light that exists in every one of us—that guides the way, if only we allow it to shine.We invite ourselves to embrace every aspect of  our being. Perhaps there will be times that I feel less than whole, but when those moments come,I must encourage myself to remember a time when I made the world a more positive place. Regardless of where I am on my path, that moment mattered.Week 22 is the moment when I share my light, and when the world becomes a brighter place.

Great week to all MKMMAer. Be the light of the world…….

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Week 21-Master Key experience

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“The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  Albert Einstein

One week ago , I woke up inexplicably sad. I sat on my bed trying to make sense of how I felt and what could be behind it. Intuitively, I grabbed one of  my best  books lying on my night table and opened it in page 73. What I had in my hands was “the Greatest Salesman in the world” by Og Mandino, and the chapter was called The Scroll Marked V. Og explains how  being  unconsciously engaged in stories from the past and habitual thoughts about them can lead to uncomfortable feelings .I am  allowing those feelings to wound me,and it is not the answer.I believe that emotion is a response to what is happening in our mind.

My ego often clings to false stories that create fear,anger, jealousy, and other emotional responses because it feeds on the past and future for its existence.The best thing I can do to reduce the impact of these emotions is acknowledge them.Uncomfortable emotions bring the precious gift of making me aware that I am trapped in thoughts, beliefs, stories, and old interpretations of myself. By being present with my emotions, I can break my identification with them and release the past.Reminded once more that every emotion is a messenger of something else that’s running deeper, I allowed my sadness to just “be.”I could see how my past beliefs of being unwanted, undeserving, and punished were dominating the scene. I was living a past story as if it was happening today with an intensity that surprised me.I realized then that the stories we tell ourselves are a mixture of “old emotions” and experiences we have come to feel as  identity.“The Unwanted Me” is a personal story that has pervaded my life for too long, making me feel terrified about showing what I have to offer and taking pertinent actions.Taking those actions will push me to never give up,and overcome my past story.

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Week 20- Master Key experience

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Most people talk about how going after what we truly want takes hard work and perseverance.However,few people mention the courage required. It takes courage to design our own path in a journey full of what-ifs along with our friends and family’s potential judgment.Being honest with myself about what I want, was my goal this week in the MKMMA experience,it was scary. When carving my own way, I don’t know what’s in store for me ahead.I  let the fear of what-ifs consume the progress I had made in my 19 weeks .However, the one thing that overpowered all the what-ifs  in my thoughts was one single what-if: What if it all worked out?What if I succeeded in creating the life I envisioned in my DMP? And for me that hope, that possibility, that single  question was enough to get me back in the game and go forward with my DMP ‘s goals.Focusing on the positives of  my DMP’ s  goals  is a much more powerful motivator than concentrating on the negatives.I truly immerse myself in the positive potential of success.Since my thoughts of doubt are enough to stop me, then my positive thoughts are enough to help me succeed as well.

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Week 19 – Master key experience

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” If we look at the world with a love of life,the world will reveal its beauty to us” – Daisaku I.

19 weeks in and MKMMA  helped me work through my self-limiting beliefs, determine my values,and recognize that I could live authentically right now. I don’t have to start from scratch.I learned that to fall back in love with my life,first I must  surround myself with the right people.There’s nothing wrong with relating to people or venting every now and again, but it’s also important to surround myself with people and conversations that leverage enthusiasm, excitement, and satisfaction. Spend time with people who build me up, see and encourage my strengths, and who are, themselves, living authentically.Energy is contagious, and since I have been around the MKMMA positive energy and speaking with others in terms of positivism, I begin to restructure my thinking, and, ultimately, the way I see and experience the world around me.Second , I learned that I need to be present.One of the main reasons people may  feel dissatisfaction with their life is because they might be missing it.I believe that when we are not present, we become a little numb.Taking in this very moment as it is, truly engaging and can really open up a realm of appreciation and keep me from feeling that sense of emptiness that results from living somewhere other than the here and now.Third,I learned to identify your values. I had to identify human connection as one of my top values before I realized there was nothing wrong with me just because I couldn’t work in isolation. Once I recognized what was vital to my emotional well-being, I could pursue a life that ensured my values were a part of my daily world.What are my values? I  admired others and think I should be doing what they are doing to be successful and satisfied with my life. In actuality, I probably admire them because they are living out their own truth. But I found out that authenticity  is attractive, not quality A,B or C.I start looking within and not to others to find my values; once I did  figure out how those values can be put into action so I am living my authentic life, I  start taking steps, large or small, to make them my reality.Lastly,I learned to serve others . I hate to say it, but we are a bit of a self-absorbed society. MKMMA made me realized that maybe we spend too much time  with unproductive thoughts and a lack of connection , and I believe  this self-absorption can quickly bring us down.So the surest way I found  to stop thinking about myself is to start thinking about others people. When I did  something for someone else , out of love,or  compassion, not obligation, I find I’ve  forgotten my troubles, and life actually feels fuller, more meaningful.

The master key mind alliance made me falling back in love with my life.I did realized that it  requires a little determination and reflection, but mostly it’s about letting go and just tuning in to my most authentic self and to the world and people around me.

Happy Valentine to all MKMMAers and enjoy your new you…

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Week 18- Master key experience

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download (2)  “When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” -Eckhart Tolle

I believe that feeling stuck is very distressing, and it can often make a situation feel even more difficult than it already appears to be.This week the Master key helped me find the truth . I know, many of us may have started this journey because we felt trapped in a job,a business, a relationship, a place,an unfavorable  situation.Really, in my case I was caught between my day job (retail manager) and my dream job (my MLM biz) so  that I saw little way out of it,and I was feeling deeply discouraged  .The uncertainty of it all becomes overwhelming and, over time, paralyzing.I have felt the frustration, the sadness, and the hopelessness that accompany this predicament many times. For a long time, I rarely made proactive decisions about anything.I had a number of distractions I used to try to avoid thinking about it. I took trips, took on other people’s problems, overworked, over-sexed, under-slept, worried constantly, and generally avoided thinking about the specifics of what I needed out of life. Opportunities and endings did flow through my life, as they inevitably will, but they were seldom based on what I wanted. After a while, negativity and worry used up much of my energy. I was introduced to the master key alliance,and then I knew I had to make changes.  I gained a lot of knowledge over 18 weeks  about habits, and a new blueprint very quickly and just soaked it all up. I also learned a lot more about my inner emotional life and about taking responsibility for my feelings, my actions, and my words. I started practicing meditation and continued to deepen my siting practices with a new awareness of my mental and emotional environment. I’m now able to observe my thoughts and am quick to see how my thought patterns change when I feel stuck. At time,the negative, self-defeating, fearful thoughts come creeping back into my mind, whispering to me that I don’t have any other choice. This week the depressed feelings and anxiousness come quickly too, and I started to wonder, if I’d done something differently in the past, would I be here now? I tell myself that only if a certain event happens in the future will I be able to make a change. Then I realized that dwelling on the past and obsessing about the future is a surefire way to stay stuck.Here is the truth I discover this week, I now know that I need to be careful not to qualify decisions based on imagined future events happening or not happening, and not to make decisions out of fear,sometimes doing what is best for me means facing those fears head on and get unstuck.

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